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Using Revit and Dynamo to Do High LOD model for Rail Projects

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    For infrastructure projects like rail and road, you can’t use a single software to create the model that satisfies the needs of current requirements in digital build and digital engineering. In this class, you will learn when you should use Revit software in your workflow. You’ll learn how to set up the Revit model for an infrastructure project. You’ll learn how to create long section drawings using Revit. And you’ll learn how to create a high Level Of Detail (LOD) model for overhead wire structure, drainage, retaining wall and fencing, and more.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to understand your project BIM/DE engineering requirements and decide if or when to use Revit
    • Learn how to set up Revit correctly for the project and enable multiple software data transfer without issues
    • Learn what you can do with Revit and Dynamo in infrastructure projects and how to do it
    • Learn how to use Navisworks to perform the design check