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Using Revit Structure in Investigative Engineering

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    This class shares a project that was completed for investigative engineering purposes—not for building design. The original goal of this project was to generate a visual aid of an engineering failure to be used as part of an expert witness report; however, the project evolved into much more. The families and corresponding model that were created incorporated structural engineering such that the model not only provided a visual aid to show deflection of roof members due to ponding water, but actually calculated the amount of deflection that could be expected due to a given amount of rain. We cover how these families (1 structural framing family and 1 adaptive component) and the model were created, as well as the lessons learned after completing such a project.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe how structural engineering was incorporated into a custom structural framing family
    • Explain how an adaptive component was created to provide a visual aid showing ponding water
    • Use Revit Structure for a nontraditional investigative engineering deliverables
    • List and describe the challenges and lessons learned for this project