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Using Revit in Early Design Phases

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    A common approach in many offices is to start a project in CAD, and at some point switch to Revit software. This approach is highly inefficient, requiring a tremendous amount of work to be duplicated. The most efficient and effective workflow is to implement Revit at the very start of projects—in concept design. However, delaying the implementation of Revit continues to be the status quo for many architects, leading to many missed opportunities, highly inefficient workflows, and much longer hours. In this class, we’ll eliminate all the excuses for not implementing Revit at the start of projects. We’ll lay out a series of techniques designed specifically for Revit use during early design phases. We’ll demonstrate lightning-fast project setups, core study techniques, and test fits, and we’ll show how to manage rapidly changing multiple schemes. With these methods and a little bit of planning, we can make using Revit in early design phases fast, easy, highly efficient, and desirable.

    Key Learnings

    • Develop elements and family strategies to create designs quickly and efficiently
    • Learn how to use Dynamo to set up a Revit project with levels, views, and other key information
    • Develop methods and best practices for working on multiple schemes, options, and test fits
    • Learn how to use groups and linked files to transfer information from one Revit project file to another