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Using IT Technology for Robust, Professional CAD/BIM Administration

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    Most IT professionals struggle to understand CAD, Building Information Modeling (BIM), or engineering workflow, not to mention manage those specialized technologies. Most CAD/BIM managers/administrators are power users who started as a drafter or engineer but lack advanced IT skills. Both skill sets are highly valued assets in any organization, but when the two come together, some amazing things can start to happen—Distributed File System Replication, Domain Name System (DNS), Active Directory, Group Policy, Security Groups, Sites and Services, User Account Control, DNS Aliases, Shadow Copy, and the list goes on. As an IT professional, do you understand how these technologies can affect and benefit your CAD/BIM users? As a CAD/BIM manager/administrator, do you know how to capitalize on these technologies or even what they are or why you should care? This session will explain how these 2 groups can come together and capitalize on IT to accelerate your users and not hinder them.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover IT specific technologies and how they may be of benefit
    • Discover why as back-end IT, technology matters to our daily work
    • Discover best IT practices for managing CAD/BIM technologies
    • Engage your counterparts in IT or CAD/BIM management to provide a best in-class experience to your users