Hands-on Lab    AS463402-L
Using Dynamo to Assist with a Solar Study
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This session will be a hands-on introduction to Dynamo as a visual programming tool. Knowledge of Dynamo combined with a little knowledge of Python is all you need to help create, compute, and manipulate complex design forms. Learn how to control curtain panels and place adaptive components. Learn how to use basic geometry to create complex surfaces, and how to use parametrics to place adaptive components. Learn how Dynamo can help you with solar studies when using parametric panels and components to design with optimum use of sunlight and energy.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to work with curves and surfaces.
  • Learn how to place adaptive components on surfaces.
  • Learn how to measure the direction of the sun against the normal of any component.
  • Learn how to get and set parameters of a component.



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