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Using Drones to Control a Site: A Study of UAVs for Project Control and Quantification
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Curious about the benefits of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for construction that go beyond just taking photos? Wish you could track and quantify a site’s earthwork more often and more accurately than you’re doing now? This session will focus on an actual working project site where UAVs were tasked with both of those issues. Working on a campus project that includes 12 buildings and 200 acres of site required a way to coordinate work among various trades while verifying work was being performed. To find a solution we took to the sky. With this course we will review how a UAV quadcopter was used to perform photometric surveys to understand how much of our site was exposed at one time; to control the work being performed by comparing the aerial-survey-generated digital terrain model (DTM) to the proposed DTM; to calculate volumetric information of material in the survey; and to verify landscape completion by model comparison.

Key Learnings

  • Find out what benefits there are to utilizing a UAV or drone on a construction site
  • Learn how to develop custom workflows and identify required resources to create consistent and reliable data to use for project control
  • Discover the legal ramifications of using a UAV for commercial purposes
  • Gain lessons learned from solutions to real-world challenges using drones for aerial surveys



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