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Use AutoCAD and Inventor with ProModel Simulation to Optimize Factory Layouts

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    It is common to design factory layouts using AutoCAD software and Inventor software to ensure spatial accuracy and safety compliance. However, it is not the norm to be as diligent with process design. Often plant designers will rely on equipment vendor rates and will assume equipment and resources will integrate and run according to the design on paper. But what happens when the reality of process variation and equipment and labor interdependencies come into play? It’s very difficult to take all these factors into account using only CAD drawings and layouts. The solution is to use simulation to optimize the factory workflow, then create a direct link from the simulation to the factory layout, providing a digital twin of the factory. We will demonstrate the value and basics of how using ProModel and Process Simulator Autodesk Editions, synced with AutoCAD and Inventor, can help optimize your digital twin first so that you’re not playing trial and error with your real equipment, inventory, and labor.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the value of using ProModel simulation for process optimization.
    • Learn how to create a simulation model with Factory Design Utilities that opens directly in AutoCAD or Inventor to start a factory layout.
    • Discover how to create a simulation model from an existing layout.
    • Discover when to use manufacturing simulation.