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Two Weeks to Four Hours: How Populous Built Efficiency with Generative Design

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    Exhibition design of any sort has a unique set of needs based on event diversity, and equine and livestock venues are no different. The frequent transition of layouts demands a wide variety of designs. The Populous Equine and Expo team recently implemented Dynamo and Generative Design in Revit software to provide optimized outcomes driven by underlying data and customer requirements for future growth. Through this effort, Populous was able to produce detailed higher-quality layouts at 95% efficiency. This panel discussion will review the outcome of this exercise, focusing on time savings during stall and pen layouts at the conceptual phase, and providing a look into planned developments around automation and resulting BIM (Building Information Modeling) content. We will highlight the value of building your own tools and maximizing automation workflows, and discuss our plans for the next steps in expanding the applicability to other market sectors.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover opportunities for optimization in your workflows
    • Learn how to maximize data-driven workflows for complex design projects
    • Learn how to implement automation workflows utilizing Dynamo and Generative Design in Revit
    • Assess the value of authoring your own tools to ensure efficiency gains