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Tips and Tricks to Make Your Revit Architecture Drawings and Presentations Look Great

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    This class will show you how to get the most out of Revit software's powerful graphic features, incorporating all of the newest features in Revit. You'll gain valuable tips, tricks, and time-proven techniques to make your drawings look great. You'll learn to enhance non-rendered presentations with "out of the box" advanced graphic techniques, as well as how to visually improve trees, plants, and people used in Revit for all non-rendered views. You'll learn more about adding photo backgrounds to presentations and renderings using a unique overlay approach, adding fully controllable color or photo backgrounds behind multiple views-and you'll get tips for improving interior and exterior rendered views. Finally, you'll learn how to use "old-world hand-drafting" techniques to add visual clarity that helps your construction documents communicate seamlessly. Learn how to use surface shading, profiling, transparency, and toning techniques to create beautiful and clear drawings.

    Key Learnings

    • Explore and take full advantage of Revit software’s powerful graphic tools and capabilities which you may not have known even existed
    • Learn how to use a variety of presentation techniques to help you develop your own artistic style
    • Learn unique “out of the box” tips and tricks to prepare better-than-ever presentations more quickly and efficiently
    • Learn old-school hand-drafting techniques to make your construction documents communicate better and look beautiful