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The Future of the Energy Infrastructure Sector: A BIM and Digital Twin Journey

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    A detailed discussion of the energy infrastructure outlook on digital energy including its challenges and complexity highlighting the significant role of BIM and digital project delivery for energy infrastructure investments. This talk will also showcase the multi-faceted journey through BIM to asset and digital twins demonstrating how to use them for the lifecycle of operations. Attendees of this talk will leave with a few main takeaways being a better understanding of the current energy business landscape, the requirements and how to follow a similar journey. Additionally, attendees will have a basis understanding of how to develop Digital Twins for operations and utilization across the lifecycle of an asset.

    Key Learnings

    • Understanding of current energy business landscape and requirements
    • How to take your energy business on a similar journey
    • BIM for lifecycle delivery across global locations
    • how to develop twins for operations and utilization across lifecycle of an asset