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The Future of BIM Is Information

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    The productivity of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) is going down. Other industries' productivity arrows are pointed up, but ours is not. After 25 years of building information modeling (BIM), one would think it would be different. But it's not. There are probably thousands of reasons for that, and we would never imagine knowing a fraction of them. But we think one of the reasons, however small it is, has to do with how we work with Information today. Other industries are implementing artificial intelligence (AI) at scale. The AEC industry cannot. This inspiring talk will explore why not, will look at what we can do about it, and will provide a few examples that show we are on the right path.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the biggest hurdles for mass digitization in construction and facility management.
    • Learn how mindset and data-creation processes play together to create information value for contractors and owners.
    • Learn how to capitalize on the business potential in documentation automation.
    • Learn about accelerating our industry's transition from CAD and BIM to information technology.