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Lecture    CI2975-P
Ten Practically Awesome AutoCAD Civil 3D Grading Examples
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Tired of seeing an AutoCAD Civil 3D software grading demonstration of a rectangular building pad? In this class, you learn how to use the Civil 3D grading tools to build 10 common things that are great practical applications for most grading designs. We look at walls, driveways, berms, swales, and many other things. We also look at how to combine these smaller designs into 1 large final design.

Key Learnings

  • Use Civil 3D feature lines, grading objects, and surfaces to build common grading design components
  • Apply grading design workflows to many types of designs
  • Recognize the appropriate grading tools to use for the type of design that is required
  • Combine several small grading designs together into 1 large design



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