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Telecommunications Infrastructure Design Utilizing Revit with Dynamo

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    At Burns & McDonnell we have revolutionized our standard design process for telecom infrastructure projects by embracing a BIM workflow with Revit as the primary authoring tool. The addition of Dynamo has allow for us to automate many design tasks and functions resulting in increased efficiency and quality. Housing our project data within the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform provides near limitless opportunity to leverage design data during construction, minimizing rework and enhancing collaboration between design teams and field crews. This presentation provides a look at using Revit in an innovative way in order to modernize a design process in a unique industry.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the challenges faced when implementing a more intelligent workflow for the first time.
    • Identify the impact areas of data leveraged across the project lifecycle.
    • Asses the feasibility of implementing a similar strategy on their own project.
    • Understand the importance of project collaboration