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Teaching with Fusion 360 - How Fusion Teams Enabled Better Group Work

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    This session will explore the use of Fusion 360 to teach engineering design at University. The use of Fusion Teams and cloud workspaces has enabled effective group work with blended learning approaches being widely adopted across the globe. This talk will discuss how Fusion 360 became an essential tool for teaching online and how it enabled us at the University of Warwick to continue to deliver high quality teaching in the School of Engineering. We will discuss our approach to signing up and delivering the first learning experiences with Fusion 360 to a cohort of nearly 400 first year general engineering students. We will show how students were able to continue working seamlessly on both individual and group projects across all four years of the degree course remotely and of course some of the amazing and innovative work they did. With remote design teams undoubtedly being an important aspect of the the future of work, seeing what students can do with design software today is a must.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about online teaching and delivery of Engineering using Fusion 360
    • Learn about utilising Fusion 360 collaborative tools
    • Learn about designing course content for University-level teaching
    • Learn about using Fusion Teams for collaborative projects