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Perspectives from a Student: How to Advance the Future of Engineering Education

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    More than six years ago, Soumil Goyal was first introduced to Autodesk products, and it sparked a passion for engineering, design, and manufacturing. Goyal is now a high school senior and has learned to use many Autodesk products, including TinkerCAD, Fusion 360, Inventor, and AutoCAD. In this session, Goyal will share a unique perspective as a young and enthusiastic learner and how we need to teach for the future of engineering. This modern engineering student's perspective will provide an insightful outlook into the best ways to continue advancing education to build the next engineers. Goyal will also share the best ways to teach engineering in the new technology revolutions, how Autodesk products can boost engineering, and why businesses and organizations should invest more in engineering education.

    Key Learnings

    • Explore the value in teaching and learning engineering, especially in businesses advancing engineering education.
    • Learn about best practices and get tips for learning and teaching Autodesk products as a student, mentor, or professional.
    • Discover the trends and opportunities of using Autodesk products for career development and engineering education.
    • Learn how to implement the new tactics of creating future-proof engineers by teaching ahead on the rapidly evolving field of engineering.