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Digitization of a Sustainable Automotive Design Studio

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Digitization of a Sustainable Automotive Design Studio  

Learn how new visualization tools can accelerate design processes and enable global collaboration



The teams at Rivian Motors introduced virtual reality (VR) into their automotive design and engineering process back in 2016. They used it for cross-team collaboration around the globe, so multi-functional teams could interact with shared product models. This enables electric vehicle design leaders like Trevor Greene to present a product virtually to audiences anywhere without the time and expense of shipping and managing physical prototypes. In this talk, Greene reveals how using VRED, Alias, and similar digital design tools has helped Rivian double their design iterations while saving more than $1 million in product development costs each year. They also reduced usage of materials like clay by 2.5 tons for each vehicle design. Importantly, it also opened up access to the distributed talent base that Rivian needs to deliver on the scale of their mission.   

About the speaker 

Trevor Greene is Lead Visualization Designer at Rivian Motors and part of the Vehicle Design Team in Irvine, California. He joined Rivian in 2015 as employee 24 and soon led the integration of VR and digital tools into the design process. He has assisted in the creation of the surfacing and visualization teams, which use technology to collaborate and conduct digital reviews over distance and across time zones to deliver better results faster and with significant savings. 

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