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Take 3ds Max to the Next Level with Customization (and Gain Kudos)
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This class will be a quick introduction to 3ds Max software scripting, customization, plug-in development, and general hacking. We will introduce each customization aspect, including the new Max Creation Graphs software, MAXScript scripting language, Microsoft .NET API, Python programming language, and the "dark side" C++ SDK. We also will show how you can gain notoriety in the 3ds Max software customization space by publishing your application to the Autodesk Exchange Store, and we’ll discuss the various community aspects around 3ds Max software customization. Today's environment involves ingenuity and social capabilities, so why not talk about or publish your awesome 3ds Max software ideas and make a name for yourself?

Key Learnings

  • Customization aspects of 3ds Max
  • Learn about scripting APIs MAXScript and Python
  • Discover .NET API pros and cons!
  • Learn about C++ SDK capabilities—and why you might have to resort to the "dark side"


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