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Surviving in the architecture field – a co-creating workshop

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    What are the biggest issues when implementing software in a field where no one gives a damn about computers? How do we get people to try new things and when should we be the ones listening when told something is too complicated or too new? How can a CEO adapt to get a neat flow in the digital transition of the way we work and how can the software developer ease the inevitable pain of change? We don’t expect you to have the answers. Whether you are frustrated about your situation or come to work every morning filled up with that sparkling innovation spirit - let people hear your stories about your achievements, your mistakes, your no-one-listen-to-me-feelings and most of all your ideas. Together we might get a little bit smarter or at least more aware of the human aspects of this both challenging and nerve wrecking digitalization era.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the issues of implementing software in a none-tech-environment
    • Know how to communicate to avoid conflicts between disciplines
    • Understand the different needs of different disciplines working in the architectural field
    • Get the most negative people working in Revit