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Supercharge Your Scan to BIM with PointSense for Revit

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    The use of reality capture technology and processes in the AEC industry has transformed the design process for the refurbishment and alterations of existing built assets. What was once the niche undertaking of experienced technology and survey companies working on large projects, has now become the starting point for projects of all sizes undertaken by a wide variety of industry professions. However, the conversion of laser scan data to an existing BIM can still be a time-consuming process. This hands-on session will go through the fundamentals of Scan to BIM in Autodesk Revit along with techniques to supercharge your scan to BIM conversion using the FARO PointSense for Revit plugin. The class will begin with a look at the various laser scan formats available, how these translates to Autodesk Recap and how we can optimise the recap project for better functionality and usability within Autodesk Revit. The PointSense for Revit plugin includes a large array of tools for the semi-automated modelling of building elements from point clouds. Starting with coordinate systems and moving through elements such as walls, columns, beams and pipework, the attendees will have the chance to test the semi-automated modelling capabilities on various sample data sets. Quality assurance within the Scan to BIM process is of critical importance and this class will cover tools that can be used to highlight errors in the scan to model conversion process and methods we can use to record these. We will also look at how these same tools can be used to deform elements such as floors to more accurately reflect the real-world conditions. The aim of the session is for attendees to leave with a better understanding of the potential tools available to them, which could ultimately increase the productivity and quality of existing BIMs created by themselves, their teams, and their companies.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to optimise your Recap project for Revit
    • Learn to use semi-automated fitting tools for Walls, Beams, Columns, Pipework and Pipe Fittings
    • Learn how to use scan data for bespoke family creation (Windows, Doors etc).
    • Learn how to undertake model quality assurance checks