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Standardizing content used in MEP design across Revit and AutoCAD

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    As BIM Lead for the MEP team in a multi-disciplinary design consultancy, trying to achieve a consistent look for our deliverables not only across a number of offices geographically, but also across multiple software platforms can be quite challenging. There is only so much content can be included in a template without overwhelming it. This case study will follow our journey to find a way to standardize the symbols we use, colors, naming conventions, classifications and more. The projects we work on vary from sizable new builds, which we would model in Revit, to "small works", where we may just be replacing a boiler in a plant room we originally designed some time ago, which will have been drawn up in AutoCAD. These smaller projects usually do not have a big enough budget to include modelling and then editing any existing services. Our aim is to provide drawings of the same look and quality across all our projects, regardless of the software package used.

    Key Learnings

    • Create a library of standard symbols for use in both AutoCAD and Revit
    • Set up templates to use standardized colors to represent MEP systems in both AutoCAD and Revit
    • Define CAD standards for use in both AutoCAD and Revit
    • Configure bespoke settings for exporting dwg files of Revit drawings