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Lecture    PD1593
Square Dancing Through Plant Design Suite Ultimate
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All join around and mingle fine, open up SketchBook® Designer software and start your design. More join in and dance in line, move to AutoCAD® P&ID software, it is design time. All come around and move to AutoCAD® Plant 3D software, let's get our model into the groove. Oh, back up and grab equipment, it's on to Inventor® software to get some detail. Do-Si-Do around your Revit® Structure software, or AutoCAD® Structural Detailing will detail your structure. Pull it all together now and watch out for collisions, Navisworks® Manage software will find 'em for you. Now it's time to make it pretty—sales and marketing, your turn to play. Showcase® software for pictures, or 3ds Max® software for motion pictures.

Key Learnings

  • Navigate through the entire suite
  • List and describe all the products provided in the suite
  • Use the structure and modeling parts of Plant Design Suite
  • Document in a marketing-type fashion


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