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Speedup Railway Site Management: the Power of Automation and AEC Collection

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    In this class FSTechnology will showcase how to achieve up to 40% in overall time reduction for some site supervision activities by automating the estimation of the site physical progress and of cut-and-fill volumes. The class illustrates two workflows which can be applied to both BIM projects and traditional project drawings. The first fully automated workflow calculates the progress of the construction works starting from the exchange on ACC of all point cloud data coming from drone surveys. The main steps are the production of simplified railways track path models in Revit, the performance of a bespoke clash detection in Navisworks to assess the progress of the works, and the interpretation of the XML output with .net scripts to feed a PowerBI dashboard. The second workflow generates DEM surfaces from point clouds via a Python script, to then calculate cut-and-fill volumes with Dynamo in Civil3D. The results are also exported as a structured data source for a PowerBI dashboard.

    Key Learnings

    • Implement automated workflows to extract and elaborate data from site surveys
    • Implement parametric planes in Revit from railways track as a path
    • Explain how to use clash detection in Navisworks to estimate work in progress
    • Automatically manage and compare surfaces in Civil 3D to calculate cut-and-fill volumes