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Speeding Up Visualization Workflow with 3ds Max Design

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    While architecture and engineering professionals should always focus on making the best design for the project, workflows designed to produce plans and intelligent models are often missing vital steps for the visualization at the end of the cycle. These steps are easy to add to your workflow once you know what they are. Learn how to speed up the visualization process with small adjustments to your AutoCAD® or Revit® software workflow and with 3D modeling standards that can be checked for and corrected with tools built into 3ds Max Design software. For visualization professionals, we look at how to create or select 3D models of environmental elements that slip easily into your pipeline without adding extra correction work or long render times. We also look at the vocabulary and tools that you can use to communicate with designers about your workflow needs.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain AutoCAD and Revit best practices for visualization later down the pipeline
    • Create or select additional visualization elements (e.g., people, cars, trees) that help rather than hinder visualization
    • Test a 3D model for visualization readiness with 3ds Max Design
    • Communicate with designers and engineers about visualization needs