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Smart Infrastructure for a Better Future: The Digital Thread in Action

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    This panel, consisting of thought leaders from the AEC industry will explore the impact of using the digital thread for infrastructure management. We will discuss how this approach can streamline project execution, reduce time and cost waste, and provide a single source of truth for stakeholders. The panel will also cover the cost implications of not adopting a model-driven approach and the benefits of maximizing data throughout the asset lifecycle, from planning to operations. By adopting a model-based approach and maximizing the digital thread, infrastructure stakeholders can prepare for a sustainable, data-driven future that will be the catalyst for the digital twin.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the benefits of a model-driven project approach and how to streamline project execution.
    • Learn about the cost implications of not adopting a model-driven approach.
    • Explore the benefits of an asset lifecycle approach to infrastructure management.
    • Learn about the tools and technologies involved in implementing a model-driven project approach.