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Sloped Framing Two Ways: Straight Up, or with Dynamo
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Modeling sloped framing seems to be one of the items that Revit users shy away from. The perception is that it is time consuming and difficult to accurately model sloped framing—but this doesn’t have to be the case. This lab will demonstrate two methods—one conventional, and one utilizing Dynamo. With both methods we can model sloped framing quickly and easily, such that the framing is placed correctly and will stay in the correct location if the roof moves or changes. Accurately modeling sloped framing in Revit is important for so many reasons, both internally for the structural engineer, and in coordination with other disciplines. Modeling sloped framing does not have to be a monumental chore, and this lab will show how to make it easier.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to incorporate the use of Dynamo to model accurate sloped framing
  • Learn a method to model sloped framing that will stay attached to the roof
  • Learn to model sloped framing as quickly as level framing
  • Discover different methods for modeling sloped framing


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