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    This class presents an entirely new strategy for managing data throughout the course of the multiyear contracts that aviation-focused civil engineers engage in. Currently there is no initiative to merge proposed/as-built designs into an overall model. InfraWorks software enables this 3D model to be created and updated throughout the course of a contract, and the software system creates new opportunities for sharing conceptual design ideas. Creation of this model per client constitutes a tangible reason for aviation clients to remain with civil firms beyond current reasoning. Furthermore, this enables all conceptual design or project follow-up to happen in 3D. Additionally, this enables the creation of shareable models for aviation facility operations and maintenance personnel. This course will introduce strategies and software techniques for merging data within larger data sets. Lastly, this course will briefly present Vehicle Tracking software with aviation capabilities specifically addressed.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create an InfraWorks software model of an aviation facility using existing geographic information system (GIS), survey, and LiDAR data
    • Learn how to create an Aviation Layout Plan (ALP) using InfraWorks software and AutoCAD Civil 3D software
    • Discover approach planning in 3D using InfraWorks software
    • Learn how to import as-built and design data to InfraWorks software, presenting effective practices