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Simple CAD/BIM Management: Monitor, Deploy, & Automate your Software

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    Challenges for CAD/BIM administrators are universal, whether license monitoring, software deployment or backing up cloud solutions. Symetri works with clients to develop workflows via a portfolio of solutions to solve these challenges. Join us as our technical experts explain these challenges and how Symetri customers in leading companies around the world have utilized CQFlexMon, CQi, & BIMrx Cloud Manager to work smarter. Increase efficiency, reduce costs, compliance risks and time spent maintaining business-critical on-premise engineering tools with license monitoring & software deployment solutions. Explore how BIM administrators at leading companies have accelerated bulk project setup, simplified member management and automated typical data management tasks. Whether syncing data between network locations and BIM 360/ACC, managing folder permissions, managing users, or automating exporting from Revit Models, Cloud Manager has streamlined these challenges for multiple projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify key challenges CAD/BIM Managers face maintaining on-premise & cloud solutions.
    • Assess how license monitoring via CQFlexMon can aid in strategic planning of application requirements.
    • Investigate CQi to manage large scale deployments of software, updates and customisations.
    • Solve the management challenges of BIM 360 & Autodesk Construction Cloud, Accounts & Projects with BIMrx Cloud Manager.