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Should We Ever Plan Space with Generative Design? A Panel Debate.

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    What is space generation and how long has it been around? This panel will speak to an emerging technology that may radically change the way architects and planners think about space. This is a new tool waiting to be harnessed by those willing to explore. Scripts are the barriers, but they’re becoming easier to do thanks to visual editors like Dynamo. This panel will go over the conceptual and historic uses of space-generating tools, as well as look at the current approaches and limitations. But most importantly, this panel will debate whether or not generative design will ever work for space planning. There will be audience voting before and at the end, in the style of NPR's Intelligence Squared.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover what space generation is
    • Learn a brief history of space planning and computational space generation
    • See some example projects and get an industry overview of what's possible today
    • Experience a real debate with a real outcome about how we should or should not think about generative design for space planning