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Should We Choose ACC Build as our Primary CM Platform?

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    Like most firms, Hazen is at times, unable to dictate which CM platform is used on every project. However, for the last several years we have an internal preferred solution that is not ACC Build. In late 2022 we began pilot testing Autodesk Build with the goal of the pilot being to determine whether we should begin integrating ACC Build going forward. If yes, should we use Autodesk Build on certain projects alongside our other platform, or should it replace that platform entirely? What we hope to gain from this pilot is identifying the feature and workflow differences between the two platforms, and whether Autodesk Build can provide an advantage in transferring our asset-ready intelligent models through construction and as-built into a digital twin / facility management product like Autodesk Tandem. This pilot project is expected to be completed in the fall of 2024, but we wanted to share our experiences so far and provide some insight into our findings.

    Key Learnings

    • Evaluate whether Autodesk Build can enhance the design-to-digital-twin journey.
    • Explore the interoperability between design and construction with Autodesk Build.
    • Compare the feature differences between Autodesk Build and Procure.
    • Discover the workflow differences between Procore and Autodesk Build.