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Shotgun for Production Management in LAIKA's Animated Features

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    LAIKA is a stop-motion feature animation studio in Portland, Oregon. Autodesk’s Shotgun project management software has been used to organize and automate aspects of the production of all its feature films over the past 10 years, from Coraline to the forthcoming Missing Link. In this talk, we will present how LAIKA tackles the design and manufacturing of the assets that show up on the big screen, how we use Shotgun software to track our production data (from scheduling to final delivery and beyond), and how we have built an efficient production pipeline using Shotgun as a platform. LAIKA exists at an interesting junction between visual effects and manufacturing, producing physical assets for a digital final product. As we go through our workflows, we will also reflect on the commonalities we have seen in how to create both physical and digital assets efficiently.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how Shotgun has been used to track and refine the production of LAIKA’s films
    • Understand the workflows involved in stop-motion feature film production
    • See how LAIKA has automated aspects of the design-and-make process for stop-motion film production
    • Appreciate and understand the parallels between feature film and industrial/factory production management tracking