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Shorten Lead Times by Integrating Design Automation in Downstream Processes

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    More and more companies are moving to a configure-to-order approach, making their products modular and configurable. Where in the past each customer order was designed separately, with a product configurator, every order is compiled from existing modules. The automated output of the configured product (quote, visuals, Bill of Materials) can be used in the downstream processes. This means a significant reduction in the turnaround time for lengthy processes such as quoting, planning, and engineering. The Forge platform offers with the Design Automation API for Inventor software a technology to build a web-based configurator, automating BOM, pricing, and 3D-visualization delivery. Besides that, Fusion Lifecycle software offers the perfect platform for managing the business-wide workflows, like the management of downstream engineering, sales, and change processes. In this class, we will show you an example of how to build and combine these technologies to get an integrated process.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the possibilities of the Forge Design Automation API for Inventor.
    • Discover business-process capabilities of Fusion Lifecycle.
    • Discover the steps it takes to make an integration between Design Automation for Inventor and Fusion Lifecycle.
    • Discover a sample integration between Design Automation for Inventor and Fusion Lifecycle.