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Short Circuit Your Schematics: Maximize AutoCAD Electrical in Your Organization

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    Would you like to take hours, or even days, out of your typical schematic design process on every new project? Maximize the power of AutoCAD Electrical software in your organization by implementing a streamlined workflow using selected standard tools. In this class, we show you how to use the intelligence of a completed AutoCAD Electrical project and some subtle, yet powerful tools integral to AutoCAD Electrical, to take a new project from 0 to 90% complete in a matter of minutes. By using the power of several project-wide editing tools, we transform a completed project into a unique new project where you can cruise through the mundane changes and direct your focus to what is substantially different.

    Key Learnings

    • Copy a completed project to create a unique new project
    • Update project descriptions and other titleblock data across the entire drawing set
    • Reformat component tags and wire numbers for the whole project
    • Update descriptions and location codes for components and PLC modules in Microsoft® Excel® software