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Sensing-Based Structural Analysis

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    In this class, we will introduce Sensequake sensing-based structural analysis. We have developed advanced software and sensors to provide professional services and a turnkey solution to engineers and asset owners. Our patented technology performs structural health monitoring and seismic assessment solely based on actual data from highly sensitive vibration sensors—saving engineers time, effort, and money—all while providing superior results. This allows for the detection of hidden defects and undocumented structural modifications not detected by visual inspection and traditional engineering practices. In this class, we will explain how sensing technologies can be used for periodic and permanent structural-health monitoring. The assessments are based on very accurate sensing tests, without the need for a finite element (FE) analysis. In fact, our sensing results can be used to calibrate FE simulations build by Revit software, Robot Structural Analysis software, or other FE packages.

    Key Learnings

    • Get familiar with sensing-based structural analysis
    • Get familiar with asset maintenance and monitoring based on sensing technologies
    • Get familiar with sensing-based analysis benefits and applications
    • Learn how to minimize mistakes in finite element models by calibrating with real-world data