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Selling the Standard: A CAD Manager’s Guide

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    As CAD managers, we face a variety of challenges when developing, supporting, and coordinating adoption of a company’s CAD standards package. These tasks can include a variety of considerations, such as user acceptance, change management, production impacts (or disruptions), training prerequisites, collaboration techniques, solution architecture, rollout strategies, feedback protocols, and, of course, user pushback. Join the speaker for this roundtable discussion as we explore strategies that have worked (and those that have not) and discuss what you need to know as a CAD manager when “selling” the standard—from the single drawing-production staff member through upper-tier management. This is an opportunity to share your CAD management experiences with others in attendance. Participation is expected.

    Key Learnings

    • Explore CAD management strategies that positively impact standards development, conformance, and adoption
    • Hear from experienced CAD managers on what has worked (and what has not worked) regarding standards implementation
    • Learn best practices for support, troubleshooting, training, and keeping staff informed about what they need to know
    • Learn strategies for keeping staff engaged, providing options for feedback and tips for effective communication