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Secure Content Creation in the Cloud

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    The media and entertainment industry is faced with increased demand for high-quality visual effects—and shrinking production schedules and budget. Studios need to provide graphics applications for employees and freelancers from any location, foster collaboration, and minimize IT and real estate costs, while ensuring that IP is secure. To provide a native workstation-like experience for artists, companies are looking toward virtual desktop infrastructure powered by NVIDIA virtual GPU technology and Teradici cloud-access software. Learn how two leading visual effects and animation studios are meeting the demands of artists performing computer animation and modeling on Maya software from anywhere, while maintaining a high-quality user experience. See how you can use the latest NVIDIA RTX technology that lets Arnold boost performance for interactive rendering as compared to rendering with CPU only, along with the added security of Teradici PCoIP protocol.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to design a hybrid architecture with NVIDIA Quadro virtual workstations and Teradici Cloud Access Software
    • Learn about the technologies you can use with Maya to accelerate animation and photo-real rendering
    • Learn about the difference between CPU versus GPU interactive rendering on a virtual workstation