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Seattle Opera: From Concept to Construction—a Case Study in Design Computation

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    The new home for the Seattle Opera is set on a prominent civic corner just blocks away from the Space Needle, and was driven by a mission: to engage the community with the creativity and drama of making opera. The main concept for the building's façade to act as a theatrical "scrim" prompted the team to use a parameter-driven process. Learn how the team used design computation from concept to construction, using visual programming in Grasshopper software and Dynamo software, and implementing an interoperability workflow using flux to automate a series of Revit adaptive components. Computational iterations early on established a foundation for what would evolve into a powerful user-driven toolset, with parameters built in at multiple scales-from controlling the overall formal geometry, to instantiating different connection types at individual panels.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to implement parametric tools as an integral part of concept design
    • Learn how to automate the batch export of an iterative design study
    • Learn how to engage the client with dynamic, user-driven design options and real-time optimization metrics
    • Learn how to use interoperability across multiple platforms to produce a single, Revit-based design deliverable