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Scaling Construction Cloud in an Enterprise

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    Are you curious how a 96-year-old company innovates? Today, the amount of new technology available can be overwhelming to organizations—from point solutions that solve one problem to platforms that require strategy around deployment. Barton Malow faced many of those challenges when overhauling software solutions. In this session, we will walk through the journey that Barton Malow took to modernize and transform business development through project operations. We'll lay out the techniques that the firm used to scale deployment of tools like BIM 360 software, BuildingConnected, and Assemble software. We will also cover how to cultivate a "super user" base to scale within an enterprise for success. In this class we’ll uncover best practices deployed to transform enterprise tools, including capitalizing on Microsoft Teams and learning management systems, and we’ll discuss metrics that are lighthouses informing Barton Malow how to scale Construction Cloud.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover strategies to cultivate "super users" and early adopters in your organization.
    • Learn how to deploy best methods to scale adoption of new technologies.
    • Learn how to measure key insights about your user base to inform how you scale and deploy tools.
    • Collaborate on strategies to chart a course for growing technology in your organization.