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SYSTRA Digital Engineering innovation Strategy

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    In 2018 SYSTRA has launched a R&D program called DEV4BIM to take benefit of the BIM data created on our projects and move towards a data centric engineering approach. This strategy has been intimately linked to autodesk strategy and promises to develop an open platform more data centric giving us the possibility to develop our own digital solutions that could be integrated in efficient digital engineering processes. This class will first showcase the key results of these 4 years of R&D and the impact on our BIM program. We will also share our lessons learnt on Autodesk journey towards this platform as a service approach. The 2nd part of the class will give insight on our digital twin innovation strategy and our expectations towards Autodesk to help us ensure effective WLC data continuity . Indeed, we are convinced that efficient collaboration with Editors is key to develop Digital twin solutions & services to develop sustainable asset management of Railway infrastructures.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to develop BIM digital solutions using FORGE platform
    • Learn about how digital solutions can serve business strategy
    • Learn about Digital Twin strategy
    • Understand the benefit of open data