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The Evolution of BIM for Facilities Management

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The Evolution of BIM for Facilities Management

A data-driven approach to building operations can streamline maintenance and reduce costs



80% of the total cost of ownership of a building occurs after handover, so even a small improvement in operations can have a dramatic impact on overall lifecycle costs for building owners. And yet 95% of the design and construction data from an average project is never used again. So how can you take a data-driven approach to optimize operations? It starts in the earliest conceptualization and design phases, where you need to define what data you want, what you want to achieve with it, who will use it, and how it will be validated, structured, and maintained, according to Nick Stefanidakis of Eptura. He shares examples like Czech financial organization CSOB that doubled the accuracy of their estimates through a better data strategy. And he shares the work of Sied, a utility company that operates hydroelectric plants in Italy, who created digital twins of their facilities to streamline maintenance and simplify compliance. These owners and operators built a continuous feedback process between design, construction, and operations which ultimately led to better designs, more efficient operations, and reduced costs.

About the speaker

Nick Stefanidakis is the SVP of channel and alliances for Eptura, a global work technology company. Nick has more than 20 years of experience helping customers and partners get the most out of real estate and facilities assets through the successful implementation and support of enterprise software solutions. Prior to his current role, Nick was with Archibus, where he was responsible for leading business development and product strategy. 

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