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SJSU Case Study: Industrial Design + Mechanical engineering Collaboration

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    The world is changing and becoming more collaborative, and the lines between fields are constantly blurring. Design, business, and engineering in industry do not happen in a vacuum independent of each other. So why would we approach education in these fields as if they do? How do you introduce innovative software features and technologies into a product development process without stifling creativity and innovation? How can we maximize the power of AI and feature-rich software such as Fusion 360 software to help solve problems in design? We explore these questions and more in the San Jose State University classrooms, as we experiment in the SJSU/Autodesk Kreative Kitchen. The Kreative Kitchen is an innovative, multidisciplinary, educational pilot model dedicated to exploring how we can maximize the benefits of diverse fields in a collaborative academic environment that mimics industry.

    Key Learnings

    • Define the role and the value of cross-discipline collaboration between design, business, and engineering perspectives.
    • Identify the three different collaborations that took place at SJSU between engineering and design over the past year
    • Explore the use of Fusion 360 in sustainability design, advanced material projects, and the Kreative Kitchen
    • Introduce an experimental collaborative classroom space called, the Kreative Kitchen