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Generative Design Helps Students Improve Their Career Prospects

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    The South China University of Technology (SCUT) robotic team never stop seeking brand-new solutions for improved efficiency and quality workflow from design to manufacturing. Zhen-Po led his team, the South China Tigers, to a first-place RoboMaster 2019 regional championship through the adoption of generative design tools in Fusion 360 software. Zhen-Po was hired by the RoboMaster’s organizer, DJI, an electronics manufacturer in China after graduation. Combining 27 parts to only a single part for the stabilizer mount achieved a final weight of 170 grams—a 42% weight reduction compared to the original computer numerical control (CNC) process. Reducing the material waste while enhancing the strength by generativity adding support, therefore reducing the mass of the robot while ensuring structural integrity, the mechanical team’s entire iterative cost was reduced by 80%, which would not have been possible before.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the robotic team background and challenges.
    • Discover best practices for efficiency and quality workflow, from design to manufacturing.
    • Discover best practices for one generative design process and factual profit.
    • Discover the program influence on the robotic team and the robotic industry.