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Unleashing the Power of Fusion 360 in Product Design

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    This class demonstrates the use of Fusion 360 software as a service throughout various stages of product design, while taking advantage of the software's intuitive approach and versatile modeling modes. The class combines quick demos and project examples in areas such as consumer products, sports equipment, and packaging. Attendees discover how Fusion 360 makes it easy to turn early concepts into final designs as part of the Autodesk® Product Design Suite. The class also highlights the exciting opportunities that Fusion 360 provides for cloud-based collaboration, thanks to the Autodesk® 360 cloud services hub.

    Key Learnings

    • Use Fusion 360 to design for product categories such as electronics, consumer products, packaging, and sports equipment
    • Explain how Fusion 360 accelerates form exploration, early concept development, and final design definition
    • Generate ideas for integrating Fusion 360 with other programs in the Autodesk Product Design Suite
    • Take advantage of cloud-based collaboration by using products in the Autodesk 360 environment