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SHP Import/Export Utility for Civil 3D

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    In January 2014, Caltrans began working with Autodesk and Trimble representatives to establish a different method of collecting survey and asset data that would maximize the strengths of both applications. The goal was to improve data collection methods in the field while providing attribute-rich features that transfer smoothly into Civil 3D software and other asset management systems. The result of these efforts culminated in the creation of Caltrans Survey Asset Collection (CSAC) using the Autodesk SHP Import/Export Utility. We collect CSAC data using Trimble Access on Trimble data collectors. We transfer the data to Trimble Business Center, where it’s processed, edited, and exported to SHP files. We import the SHP files into a Civil 3D drawing, creating AutoCAD points, coordinate geometry points, feature lines, and polylines, all containing embedded property set data. We make all corrections and edits to the data within Trimble Business Center, export new SHP files, and reimport and update the data in Civil 3D.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the purpose of the SHP Import Export Utility for Civil 3D.
    • Learn about how the program converts the SHP file data into property set data.
    • Learn how photos and documents are linked to SHP file data.
    • Learn how the stylization and query tools are used to control how the data is imported.