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Robotics and XR: How to Improve Safety, Quality, and Owner Satisfaction

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    Join us for an engaging panel discussion with real-world applications at the intersection of robotics and extended reality (XR) in the AEC industry. Learn how companies like DPR Construction harness these technologies to safeguard the well-being of their craft teams, deliver quality work, and exceed customer expectations. We'll discuss how robots are transforming construction work with precise installation lines, and explore how XR is revolutionizing the way owners experience their projects and data, gaining their buy-in before work begins. Get valuable insights from industry experts as they share the work they're doing today, while shedding light on the future of these transformative technologies. Speakers will be Rayya Karaa, Senior virtual design and construction (VDC) PM at DPR; Tim Gaylord, Corporate Director of Innovation at DPR; Roy Malcom, Senior virtual design and construction (VDC) PM at DPR, Nicolas Fonta, senior director and general manager of XR at Autodesk and Alex Bingham Associate Architect at Cushing Terrell.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about using robotic layout to streamline construction and to safeguard the well-being of craft teams.
    • Learn about using XR to create mockups of the design and gaining owner buy-in preinstallation.
    • Learn how to ensure delivery of high-quality work through precise installation using robotic layout.
    • Focus on data fed from Revit to VR, Revit to Robotic Layout, and Navisworks to XR.