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Robotics Design in Fusion 360

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    Robotics is an exciting interdisciplinary field with applications in every industry, assisting humans with everything from home mobility to manufacturing to space exploration. This workshop will dig into the underlying mechanical design and manufacturing practices that drive development of robotic systems. This class will demonstrate CAD workflows for robotic systems in Fusion 360 software, including tips and best practices on part and assembly levels. We’ll discuss how CAD modeling and design for manufacturing go hand in hand, including a survey of design requirements and materials in manufacturing processes that are typically used in mechanical systems. Finally, you’ll learn about using documentation to effectively communicate manufacturing and archiving robotic assembly data.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to construct robotic and mechanical assemblies in CAD using industry best practices
    • Learn how to evaluate and select appropriate manufacturing methods based on materials, cost, and process capabilities
    • Learn how to apply “design for manufacturing” and “design for assembly” concepts to robotics
    • Learn how to prepare project documentation for manufacturing, archiving, and assembly