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Hands-on Lab    SE6881-L
Robot Structural Analysis: Making the Change
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It's time to learn about Robot Structural Analysis software in this hands-on, down-and-dirty take on a powerful analysis tool that boasts one of the highest levels of direct integration with Revit software currently available. If you are curious about Robot Structural Analysis software and you want to know more, this is the class for you. As engineers with extensive responsibility, changing analysis packages is not something we would ever undertake lightly—and not without doing our own investigations into the capabilities of the new software. This class will give you an introduction to Robot Structural Analysis software and get you ready to set up your own exploration and investigation of this great analysis package. We will cover basic interface, navigation, setup, display, simple modeling, basic loading, seismic, results exploration, and basic material design workflow. We will also include key tips and tricks for getting up to speed quickly with Robot.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the overall capabilities of Robot Structural Analysis software
  • Learn how to navigate the Robot Structural Analysis software interface easily and develop a simple model
  • Understand the key concepts of performing analysis and design with Robot Structural Analysis software
  • Begin your own exploration of the capabilities Robot Structural Analysis software


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