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Revit and Cost Estimating: A Practical Approach
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Revit options can be used for comparing one build option to another. Applying a practical approach using real-world data, you can refine quantities and assign them values for reasonably accurate materials cost analysis. This takes a small residence and focuses on user-created tools for landscaping counts and costs; decorative fence takeoffs using curtain wall components; data and material sourcing and application to generating schedules for bills of materials—using data readily available for local resources. This small real-world example scales up to larger applications, using the same tools and techniques for specific approaches and generalized approaches, for easily swappable families with immediate results.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about sourcing data for your project from a big box store and local suppliers
  • Learn how to model tools for very specific material counts
  • Learn about custom shared components and integrating functions into components and schedules for accurate counts
  • Learn how to use options to compare quantities and costs



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