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Revit Modeling for Successful Facilities Management

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    This class provides guidance for creating Revit software models that you can use effectively for facilities management. We will focus primarily on the creation of simple models that you can use as the foundations for facility plans to be used for space management, asset management, and maintenance. This class will focus on the basics, such as generating proper area plans, creating areas, and placing assets. We will also explore concepts including level of accuracy; level of development; and communication of your modeling needs to service providers who are creating models for you during the design, engineering, and construction process. We'll wrap up this session by connecting our model to a Computer-Aided Facilities Management / Integrated Workplace Management System (CAFM/IWMS) Solution so we can explore our results in a more traditional facilities management environment.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand basic Revit software modeling techniques for effective facilities management
    • Learn how to use area plans, areas, and families to help generate facility floor plans
    • Gain an understanding of how much modeling needs to be done and to what level of detail for basic facilities management needs
    • Learn how to capitalize on CAFM/IWMS to take effective advantage of your Revit software models