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Revit on Forge: Learn How to Run Your Add-In for Revit in the Cloud

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    A long-awaited design automation for Revit (DA4R) has finally arrived! Currently, DA4R is available to general public as a beta. Using DA4R, you can create, edit, and extract Revit models through the Revit API without having the Revit desktop environment. For example, you can create a model automatically by entering parameters, check if certain design criteria are met and create a report, and automatically modify the model. It is also possible to extract model data which was not possible with Forge Model Derivative API only. In this session, we will introduce DA4R to those who have experience writing Revit add-ins and are interested in learning Forge. You will learn how to convert your existing Revit add-ins to run in the cloud, and get started with leveraging Forge services (for example, integrating with viewer and BIM 360).

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the overall structure of Forge Design Automation
    • Understand the differences between the desktop version of Revit add-in and the cloud version
    • Convert an existing Revit add-in to the cloud version
    • Integrate Design Automation for Revit with BIM 360 and other cloud storage systems