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Rendering Tiling Textures in 3ds Max for Design Visualization and Games
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In this course you will study and implement techniques for modeling and rendering high-resolution tiling textures in 3ds Max software for design visualization, simulation, and games. Starting with a highly detailed model, you will set up a camera and lighting rig using mental ray software for rendering. Additionally, we will set up the rig to produce a tiling texture without perspective using the mental ray software Production Shaders. Then using render passes and render layers, you will produce albedo, diffuse, normal, specular, mask, and ambient occlusion images suitable for a physically based rendering workflow used in modern rendering and game engines.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to create a tiling texture set
  • Learn how to light a high-resolution model for rendering textures using mental ray
  • Learn how to render albedo, diffuse, normal, specular, mask, and ambient occlusion textures
  • Learn how to use the mental ray software Production Shaders to mask a model for tiling


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